I'm Rachel.

Etsy Strategist, Marketing Maven, Systems Guru, + Founder of Paper Berry Press


I help Etsy sellers transform their shop into a practical, purposeful, + profitable makers paradise.


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My Story


Howdy, hi, and hello!  I'm Rachel, a 30-something Texas gal who just happens to also be a course creator, Etsy strategist, systems guru, online shop owner, + proud mama of 3 little blessings. #multipassionate  And if that wasn't enough, I'm also on a mission to help fellow makers + designers monetize their handmade business which is practical, purposeful, + profitable via my free Facebook community, Hello! Etsy Seller.

So how did I fall down this amazing rabbit hole we call online shop owner, you ask?  Etsy.  Yup, I fell in L-O-V-E with the online business space when I opened my Etsy shop, Married in May Designs (now know as Paper Berry Press) back in 2013 + discovered how selling online allowed me to create a life that I love.  These days I continue to run Paper Berry Press (via Etsy + Shopify), which has grown into a successful lifestyle brand featured in places like Glamour, Bustle, Self, + Buzzfeed, to name a few.  However, the story doesn't stop there.  I mean, why stop when you're having fun, right!?!  #allthethings

Having grown my own product shop into a thriving, profitable business that draws in my target customer, I now get the amazing opportunity to help other Etsy sellers do the same.  I get my kicks by helping other makers + designers layout effective online store strategies, while also develop a brand presence that helps them get found + be seen online.  Why?  Because there's literally no better feeling as an online business owner than to turn a browser into a buyer, and a buyer into a raving fan!  All I can say is I'm beyond grateful to live out ALL my passions and dreams while living a life I flippin' LOVE.  As Bruno Mars says, I'm "hashtag blessed"!

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