4 "Must Have" Tech Tools For Print-On-Demand Sellers


I want to share my all-time favorite tech tools that will help you rock the socks off your Print-On-Demand business. These are hands down a must-have if you desire to be more efficient in your workflow, as well as less hands on with mundane tasks. Hello automation!


1 | Adobe Illustrator

To get started with print-on-demand, you'll need to have access to design software.  There are a ton of options out there.  Some free, some not-so-free.  I've used a couple of different options though the years.  My favorite out of the bunch is the rolls-royce for creating quality designs.  And no, it's not Photoshop.  It's Adobe Illustrator.  Why?  Because of the ability to create vector graphics.  If you're unfamiliar with vectors, it's basically a really cool feature where you can resize your design without losing quality.  No pixelation here.  Meaning you can change your artwork into something as small as thumb nail or as large as a billboard.  No really, it's seriously that cool. For more info, visit https://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator.


2 | Dropbox

What is the one tech tool that will save you a TON of time in your POD business?  A cloud-based filing system.  My favorite being Dropbox.  Why? They support images, which as you know is a big deal for Print On-Demand biz owners. Think mockups, POD files, etc. They offer a variety of affordable packages which is perfect for small business owners. Not to mention you can get to your filing system from practically anywhere since they offer mobile, desktop, and web access. For more info, visit https://www.dropbox.com.


3 | Order Desk

If you've never heard of Order Desk then I'm about to rock your world!  It's literally the diamond-in-the-rough in the print-on-demand realm.  For less than $20 a month you can automate and streamline your order workflow. It’s like have a virtual assistant that does all the heavy lifting for you. Swoon! Sometimes different types of orders require different actions within a workflow. Order Desk uses a rule engine that can do just about anything to any order based on any set of criteria you wish. It’s a lot like Zapier but for order management. Plus they have over 180 different integrations so connecting your marketplaces and POD providers is a breeze! For more info, visit https://www.orderdesk.me/.


4 | Mailchimp

Every small product-based business needs an email marketing software. And I’ve practically tried them all. From “free-to-get-started” all the way to “uber expensive, super robust” systems. What have I learned? No two email marketing systems are the same. They were all created with a goal in mind and with an ideal business to serve. Sadly, most email marketing providers were built to serve content-based businesses…think bloggers, course creators, coaches, etc. As a retail shop owner, a big part of our email marketing campaigns revolve around images and helping our potential customers visually “see” what we have to offer. Though there are a handful of amazing email providers out there for retail sellers, most of them are way too expensive for small business owners. Darn you big box retailers!

But there is still hope. After all my email marketing woes I’ve found that (by far) my favorite provider is Mailchimp. And it’s free to get started. Heck ya! It has everything you’d ever need as a product-based business. Email campaigns, multiple lists, tags, automation sequences, integrations, the list goes on... Did I also mention drag-and-drop email templates that are oh-so beautiful too? Yup. Seriously. And its very user friendly. So easy a monkey could use it. Wink, wink. For more info, visit https://mailchimp.com/.


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